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Investing in regular maintenance extends the life of your car. The results are a smoother ride and are less costly repairs . Leave it to CUSTOM AUTO Collision Center's reliable hands. And you will be driving home with the confidence of a job done right. All Work Guaranteed.

      Engine Repair

Car making a funny noise when driving? Let our state of the art diagnostic tools determine the problem.



      Oil Changes

Did you know it is recommended to change your car's oil about every three months? For standard oil, that's about 3,000 miles and synthetic it's 5,000 miles. 


      Tire Maintenance
Administering regular rotations and balances extend the life of your tires. Neglecting to do so is also one of the common causes for premature tire wear. It is recommended tires be rotated every 6,000 to 9,000 miles.  It is best to balance your tires while doing so


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